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Chocolate Transfer

Chocolate transfer is a fun and creative way to get designs to your chocolate and make fun and custom shaped chocolates and pralines. To get digital images to chocolate, you need chocolate transfer sheets (either pre-printed with designs, or un-printed so you can print your own designs). If you're printing your own designs onto unprinted choco sheets (chocolate sheets), then you also need our edible ink printer and edible ink cartridges. The way that chocolate transfer works is simple - the designs on the chocolate transfer sheets get transferred to wet (warm) chocolate, and when the chocolate cools and hardens, the designs are imprinted on the chocolate. You can do transfer of images to chocolate and cut your chocolate into your own shapes, or if you are looking to make well defined chocolate shapes (like circles, hearts, etc), then choose from our chocolate transfer molds (chocolate moulds).

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate Transfer Sheets
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Chocolate Transfer Molds

Chocolate Transfer Molds
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Chocolate Transfer Enhancing Supplies

Chocolate Transfer Enhancing Supplies
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Chocolate Molds

Chocolate Molds
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